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Block Therapy

Block Therapy is a revolutionary self-care practice that combines Therapy, Exercise, and Meditation to target and release restrictions in the fascia. As we age, experience injuries, or undergo surgeries, our fascia can become tight and restrictive, leading to discomfort and limited mobility. With Block Therapy, students utilize a therapeutic tool to unlock the body’s healing potential. By combining body weight, gravity, and diaphragmatic breathing, Block Therapy creates a heating effect that helps to melt through the restrictions. In return, this improves blood and oxygen flow, leading to increased flexibility, reduced pain, and enhanced overall well-being.

Understanding the role of fascia is the first step to eliminating pain and unlocking true healing.

Pain is a powerful messenger that our body uses to communicate with us. It is a signal that our cells are in distress and need attention. Our body is incredibly intelligent and knows exactly what our cells need at any given moment. It responds by sending oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to nourish and heal. However, when there are roadblocks preventing these vital nutrients from reaching our cells, which makes them scream louder and louder.

Your fascia, the intricate network of connective tissue that runs throughout your body, plays a crucial role in communication between cells. When the pathways of this communication highway are open and clear, your body responds promptly and efficiently to its needs. However, when the fascia becomes compressed or restricted, it can pose challenges to your overall health.

This compression can occur due to factors such as gravity, injury, surgery, unconscious posture, and incorrect breathing. The development of adhesions in the fascia can have a detrimental impact on our overall well-being. From physical issues to emotional and mental struggles, these adhesions wind our bodies down.

But here is the great news: you have the power to decompress your fascia and transform your body into a healthier and more aligned version. When our cells are properly aligned, the flow of energy within our body is unobstructed, leading to improved health and vitality. However, when they migrate away from their optimal position, adhesions can form to create stability. These adhesions are a protective mechanism built into the fascia’s intelligence, but unfortunately, they can block the flow of energy and nutrients throughout our body resulting in various health issues and discomfort.

This affects everything. Pain, aging, disease, unhealthy body size and shape, depression, sleep issues… cells not aligned don’t receive what they need to thrive.  But there’s a solution that addresses the root cause of these problems. Block Therapy is designed to undo this negative cycle of compression and re-establish balance and harmony in your body.  Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a healthier, more vibrant you.


What is Fascia?

Fascia is the tissue connecting every single one of our 100 trillion cells.  It surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place.  It’s a vital part of our anatomy that plays a crucial role in our health and overall well-being. 

How Does Block Therapy work?

Releasing Your Fascia

The significance of fascia in terms of overall health and pain is being recognized by both the scientific and wellness community. Our aim is to promote a healthy fascia system by releasing the adhesions that are stored within the fascia. By utilizing your bodyweight, implementing pressure, and engaging in diaphragmatic breathing, we are able to free the 2000 pounds per square inch seal, thus enhancing the flow of blood and oxygen to your systems, cells, and structures.

Address the Cause Sites to Your Pain

The fascia system serves as a connection throughout the entire body, from head to toe. Typically, the source of our pain does not lie where it is felt. As a consequence of poor posture and habits, we tend to collapse in a forward rotational manner, resulting in the fascia gripping the front, sides, and even extending down the legs to the feet. The Block Therapy system was designed to comprehensively address the entire body, ensuring that both the root cause and sites of pain are effectively targeted.

Correct Your Posture

Gaining an understanding of your posture and making the necessary corrections will not only help maintain the positive results obtained from Block Therapy, but also establish a solid foundation to prevent a relapse into poor alignment. In our teachings, we emphasize the key foundations within the body that need to be strengthened in order to live a life free from pain throughout your daily activities.

Three Components of Block Therapy

Create Space 

Creating space in the body and melting through restrictions in the tissue is important for correcting posture and improving blood and oxygen flow to the cells, keeping them fed and clean.

Inflate Space 

Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing turns on the internal furnace optimizing the melting of adhesions in the tissue. In fact, diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygenation in tissue up to 6 times.

Maintain Space

Understanding how to use your body properly and strengthen correct foundation is crucial to maintaining proper cellular alignment. Block Therapy addresses this to give you a full-body program and teaches you how to bring proper posture into daily activities.


Look and Feel Younger by Addressing Your Health Concerns Using Block Therapy!

I started Blocking during Covid, as a means of doing some therapy/exercise at home.  I injured my back by moving a large planter in 2019.  I had pain in my lower back which later became shooting pain in my right buttocks ( and down the right leg) which I assumed was sciatica.

After a year of doing the Starter Program, I felt less stiff. I still had pain and was walking in a ‘forward’ manner, (not straight.) I purchased the membership to increase my range of Blocking programs.

I started with Veronica as my coach in Feb 2023.  My improvement has increased considerably.  I did not realize that where the ‘pain’ is, is not always the cause site for the pain. Veronica was able to assess from my photos the areas I need to Block to affect areas that were out of alignment and causing pain.

My results after 4 months of Veronica’s coaching are as follows :
Previously- intermittent shooting pain in the right buttocks and leg.

Now- the pain is completely gone. My lower back still feels some tightness on the right side but I am able to do all things – long walks, long periods of standing, housework, etc. with ease.

Previously- my feet felt like rubber and my calves were rock hard (which I thought was a good thing…it is NOT!) I also have Morton’s neuroma due to years of wearing heels. A neuroma is when the nerve in the ball of the foot becomes inflamed and enlarged. It is intensely painful with any pressure, standing or walking. There is a visible splaying between the 2nd and 3rd toes. A specialist said he could surgically remove the nerve ……which could possibly grow back,….. I may lose all feeling in my feet and …the toes may stay splayed!! 

Now- my feet have sensation and are able to bend and grip at the toes.  I no longer feel the pain from the neuroma (both feet) even when I squeeze the ball of my foot as a test. The toes still have a slight splaying, however, they are flatter so they look better than before. My calves have more definition.  When I move my feet, the calves move and the shin bone seems more distinct. My ankles have been trimmed and my legs have contoured below the calf to my ankles.

One of my concerns is my middle section is thick. Blocking has helped contour my middle section, raised and firmed my breasts, and smoothed my back fat. I stand taller, I walk straighter and I feel that I walk in a more graceful, feminine manner.  More work is needed but as Deanna, the creator of Block Therapy, says… Blocking is a lifelong practice. I am happy to be moving in the right direction.

The difference that the coaching with Veronica has made, is she gave me focus and specific programs to target the areas to my needs. On my own, I felt like I was guessing.  I also learned that you can do a few programs simultaneously to have a synergistic effect whereas I was only doing one program at a time on my own. Also, she revised my programs monthly as things shifted.

I would recommend Veronica as a Block Therapy coach. She is knowledgeable and passionate about Blocking and she is able to bring you forward in your health goals, by targeting your specific issues. She is also like your cheerleader along the way.

Frances K

Personal Fascia Assessment

Personal Fascia Assessment provides guidance and support from a certified Fascia Alignment Coach. The Coach tailors program to address your specific concerns, such as chronic pain, past injuries, fitness level, body aesthetics, and Block Therapy practice.  The assessment focuses on cause sites to effectively address pain and symptoms.


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Try a Sampler Program

Are you looking to experience what it’s like to decompress your fascia before you dive into Block Therapy? The Sampler Program consists of 9 videos where we share some of the basic principles of Block Therapy, using a rolled-up towel as the tool. This will give you an
understanding of fascia decompression and how significant it is to work in your fascia for on- going health and wellness. We share some of the position to open the flow to improve oxygenation to cells, as well as some strengthening exercises to pull your body back into better alignment. you will gain an understanding of Block Therapy with this program, which may engage you to want to explore the deeper connections that are made with the practice.

Self-Care Program for Pets

In this program, you will learn how to apply Fascia Decompression techniques to your pet. Using only your hands, you will learn a number of different approaches to melting adhesions that run throughout your pets body to improve blood and oxygen flow to their cells, as well as improve lymphatic drainage. This will be a wonderful way to support your pet’s health lifelong.