TRE® Testimonials

“Thank you, Veronica, for sharing TRE with me. Your guidance and calmness created a safe and supportive space for this therapy. I found both my body and mind were more relaxed after releasing the unconscious physical stress my body was holding onto. I look forward to incorporating TRE into my daily life!”
Dr. Winnie Siu
Naturopathic Doctor, Toronto
“I am so grateful to Veronica for introducing me to TRE. I booked a 5 session package and am amazed at how much shaking and releasing occurs very naturally during our sessions. I've felt a definite release of physical and emotional anxiety after TRE sessions with Veronica. She is a truly attentive and skilled Practitioner.”
Chantal Quesnel
Kingston, Ontario
"I highly recommend Veronica. She is such a lovely person to work with. She is patient, loving, and has a very sunny personality. TRE is not only powerful but a very easy tool that helped me significantly regarding my endometriosis (only after one session). I look forward to more sessions in the near future. Thanks for everything ♡"
Maria Papaconstantinou
Hong Kong

“After each TRE practice, my neck and shoulder feel more relaxed and eased. It’s better than massage or physiotherapy treatment and without side effects of sore muscle in the following days. I have had neck and back pain for many years and have been taking regular massage and physiotherapy treatment for years. Now I’m using TRE to replace regular massage and physiotherapy treatment. I also notice that with TRE practice, my legs are lighter and easier to lift and walk. I have been very weak for several months. I was hardly able to walk.  The day right after TRE I walked normally from home to the subway like a healthy person.  Furthermore, my chest pain gets better and the symptom of chest congestion gradually disappeared.  I can breathe, feel and sleep better.

Thank you very much, Veronica, for teaching me TRE! Now I believe that I would be able to recover and resume my normal life soon with the benefit of regular TRE practice.”

~ Christina Wu, Toronto, Ontario

“My body has been shaking all my life. During one session with Veronica and the TRE exercises and I became more at ease with the understanding my body’s understanding of deep-seated trauma. I became no longer a person shaking but a person taking a path to heal by heeding the body’s wisdom. Veronica is patient, gentle, and empathetic in all ways and I couldn’t have chosen a better TRE practitioner.”

~ Eva Bednar, Ontario

“Wanted to thank Veronica for the TRE session.  It was very helpful in allowing my body to feel more at ease when I went back to work the next day.  I slept better and my hips feel okay. Veronica, you are very skilled! I will be in touch around booking another session.  Thanks.”

~ Paul Freedman, Clinical Social Worker, Toronto

“In recent years, I have had sleep problems, often talking in my sleep at night and shouting during nightmares. After taking a few TRE sessions with Veronica, I am now feeling more relaxed and less sleepy talking. I hope it will gradually go away. Thanks, Veronica !”

~ Teresa T, Toronto

“I am in my 60’s and am retired.  I thought I have no more stress now.  However, I had lower back pain for over 30 years after I gave birth to my daughter.  I did not think TRE going to help me.  After three TRE sessions with Veronica, I felt calm and relaxed.  My head felt lighter and more clear.  I did not experience any lower back pain when I was on a 15 hours flight to China.  I am so grateful that Veronica introduced TRE to me.”

~ May, Toronto.

“I was introduced to TRE through Veronica Wong and am so grateful I tried it!  The release of tension I felt after only a few sessions surprised me and I’m going to be booking more sessions. Thank you, Veronica!!!”

~ Victor L. Ontario

“Working with Veronica was such a pleasure. I felt comfortable with her immediately. She is calm, explains things well and clearly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her services!!”

~ Reed, Ontario