Block Therapy Testimonials

Morton’s Neuroma Sensation is Gone!

I started Blocking during Covid, as a means of doing some therapy/exercise at home.  I injured my back by moving a large planter in 2019.  I had pain in my lower back which later became shooting pain in my right buttocks ( and down the right leg) which I assumed was sciatica.

After a year of doing the Starter Program, I felt less stiff. I still had pain and was walking in a ‘forward’ manner, (not straight.) I purchased the membership to increase my range of Blocking programs.

I started with Veronica as my coach in Feb 2023.  My improvement has increased considerably.  I did not realize that where the ‘pain’ is, is not always the cause site for the pain. Veronica was able to assess from my photos the areas I need to Block to affect areas that were out of alignment and causing pain.

My results after 4 months of Veronica’s coaching are as follows :
Previously- intermittent shooting pain in the right buttocks and leg.

Now- the pain is completely gone. My lower back still feels some tightness on the right side but I am able to do all things – long walks, long periods of standing, housework, etc. with ease.

Previously- my feet felt like rubber and my calves were rock hard (which I thought was a good thing…it is NOT!) I also have Morton’s neuroma due to years of wearing heels. A neuroma is when the nerve in the ball of the foot becomes inflamed and enlarged. It is intensely painful with any pressure, standing or walking. There is a visible splaying between the 2nd and 3rd toes. A specialist said he could surgically remove the nerve ……which could possibly grow back,….. I may lose all feeling in my feet and …the toes may stay splayed!! 

Now- my feet have sensation and are able to bend and grip at the toes.  I no longer feel the pain from the neuroma (both feet) even when I squeeze the ball of my foot as a test. The toes still have a slight splaying, however, they are flatter so they look better than before. My calves have more definition. When I move my feet, the calves move and the shin bone seems more distinct. My ankles have been trimmed and my legs have contoured below the calf to my ankles.

One of my concerns is my middle section is thick. Blocking has helped contour my middle section, raised and firmed my breasts, and smoothed my back fat. I stand taller, I walk straighter and I feel that I walk in a more graceful, feminine manner.
More work is needed but as Deanna, the creator of Block Therapy, says…Blocking is a lifelong practice. I am happy to be moving in the right direction.

The difference that the coaching with Veronica has made, is she gave me focus and specific programs to target the areas to my needs. On my own, I felt like I was guessing.  I also learned that you can do a few programs simultaneously to have a synergistic effect whereas I was only doing one program at a time on my own. Also, she revised my programs monthly as things shifted.

I would recommend Veronica as a Block Therapy/Fascia Alignment coach. She is knowledgeable and passionate about Blocking and she is able to bring you forward in your health goals, by targeting your specific issues. She is also like your cheerleader along the way.

Frances K

Frozen Shoulder is Significantly Improved Within 4 Months!

I experienced very mild pain around my right shoulder area in March 2022.  After a few months, I couldn’t move my arm. I was in excruciating pain and prohibited all & any movement. This was the most painful physical experience I have ever had.

After several visits to doctors and specialists, I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, aka inflammation damage. All the treatments from medical professionals were not helping, at least not fast enough. Treatment included cortisone shots, pain medication, physical therapy, and endless sessions of acupuncture.

Due to this disability, I was unable to move my right arm for months. I couldn’t dress myself without help and couldn’t sleep at night.

My dear friend, Veronica introduced me to Block Therapy. She was very thorough in guiding and setting me up with the beginning process towards recovery.  She sent me the Blocks and set up the Starter Program.  

It was extremely tough and painful at first due to zero arm movement. But by practicing diaphragmatic breathing and following the programs, I was able to relax more and get back some sleep. The pain slowly subsided and I could move my arm slowly. All because of less pain.

Since February 2023, Veronica has been coaching me in fascial decompression that addresses my health concerns: shoulders, knees, and digestive system. With her guidance, every month I take photos and send them to her for assessment. After each assessment, she tailored the programs to address my concerns. I get really excited for each follow-up meeting with Veronica to review the changes. She pointed out the head to toe changes from the before and after photos in great detail and I am delighted to see and feel the results. It’s very encouraging and makes me understand more about the benefits of natural healing.

For 4 months under Veronica’s guidance, my progress is as follows:

  • My Frozen shoulder is significantly improved:

The pain level went down from 9 to 5 after 2 months and from 5 to 2 after 3 months.

After 4 months of guidance, the range of motion in the forward and upward direction towards the head returned to normal. I only have little restrictions moving towards the back of the scapula.

  • Knee pain and neck pain is significantly less and I don’t even notice that on a regular basis.
  • Digestion issue is improved. I used to rely on probiotics and prebiotics and I no longer need them.
  • Alignment – I am more aware of my alignment in walking, sitting and standing, my body has been aligned better.  
  • Sleep – after 2 weeks of Blocking,  I fell asleep naturally and it make a significant improvement to my daily activities. 

Health is the most important and my number one priority!

I am so grateful for Veronica’s help and support on my recovery journey! She empowered me to make a positive improvement in my health.

I highly recommend Veronica as your Fascia Alignmenet Coach –  with her experience, deep knowledge, analytical skills, and great patience, you will make a positive difference in your health.


Life Changing!

I am thrilled to write this testimonial and express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful coaching and guidance I have received from Veronica. She has truly made a significant and positive impact on my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Veronica as a coach to anyone seeking a healthier, more mindful, and improved overall well-being.

Before working with Veronica, I struggled with a bloated belly and a sense of discomfort in my body. However, since I started my coaching sessions with her, I have experienced remarkable transformations. I have lost 4 pounds after a month without even trying.

Veronica’s coaching has helped me feel lighter and better overall. I am more mindful of my posture, which has not only improved my physical well-being but also made me somewhat calmer, reducing my anxiety levels. My overall mood has improved significantly, and I feel better in my own body. I am now able to be more mindful, and diaphragmatic breathing comes more naturally and easier.

One noticeable change I’ve experienced is that I can now keep my arms in the anatomical position without feeling tightness or discomfort, especially in the left shoulder blade area. This has greatly improved my comfort and mobility.

Veronica’s insight into the connection between working on my legs and its positive impact on my belly has been eye-opening. I’m no longer as bloated as before, and I truly believe that her guidance in this regard has been instrumental in my progress.

I cannot thank Veronica enough for her dedication, expertise, and the positive changes she has brought to my life and my family’s well-being. Her coaching has been a blessing, and it has changed my life in so many ways for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend Veronica as a fascia alignment coach to anyone looking to improve their health, mindfulness, and overall quality of life. Thank you, Veronica, for your unwavering support and guidance!


There comes a time on the path of everyone who is doing deep healing and transformation that they realize they have to ‘get out of their head,’ and begin to incorporate the body, and more specifically the myofascia. When they do, Block Therapy is one of the best modalities I’ve found to assist them in their journey. It has made a huge difference for me personally.
Dr. Eric B. Robins, M.D.
Urologist and Chronic Pelvic Pain Specialist

Scoliosis Gone

Many people commonly associate scoliosis with a spinal issue, but in reality, it pertains to problems within the fascia system.

The fascia serves as the connective tissue that binds every cell in your body together. Scar tissue resulting from trauma or the compression due to improper posture can become dense and adhesive, adhering strongly to bones with a force of up to 2000 pounds per square inch. This is what leads to the body twisting out of alignment. Although scoliosis is often seen as primarily affecting the spine, the real concern lies in the alignment of the entire body.

The challenges people face with scoliosis are highly individualistic, as each person experiences their own unique gripping and twisting patterns.  This is why Scoliosis Gone is designed to be flexible and interactive.

“ I am an ovarian cancer survivor, in remission now for one year, with a great prognosis. This winter while in the Bahamas, I was introduced to BlockTherapy by a friend. After taking my first class, I bought my tool on the spot. I suffer with neuropathy in my arms, hands and feet as a result of chemo. My neuropathy is now much improved. I am also starting to get my waist back from the “waist pile”. ”

– Elaine T.

“I became involved in BlockTherapy and it changed my life. The change to my health has been nothing short of amazing. I can move again. Pain levels are way down and easier to control. I am getting my freedom back! Mind blowing. BlockTherapy is now a part of my life. No chemicals. Only positive side effects. My life is changed!”

– Garnie R.