Personal Fascia Assessment

A Personal Fascia Assessment is available for purchase for those with the Starter Program as a minimum who would like further guidance and support from a certified Fascia Alignment Coach to address specific issues and receive more personalized guidance and support. These may include fine tuning chronic pain, addressing past injuries, improving your level of fitness, addressing body aesthetics or having 1-on-1 guidance in your Block Therapy practice.

A personal assessment focuses on the cause sites to effectively and efficiently address your pain and symptoms. It enhances your Block Therapy journey by helping you understand how your body is communicating what it specifically needs.

The Assessment is completed by studying your Client Information Sheet and your photos to understand your body’s fascia patterns. This allows the Therapist to tailor the program specifically to your needs, whether form or function and to support you as you begin your journey with Block Therapy.

Assessment Options

Individual Assessment


Service & Support:
  • Client submits 1 set of photos. Coach assesses photos and prescribes a program based on assessment.
  • No ongoing support.

1 Month Assessment


Service & Support:
  • Client submits initial set of photos
  • Coach reviews Client Information Sheet
  • Coach then assesses photos and determines appropriate program.
  • Coach contacts Client (via Zoom/email/telephone) to expand on the program recommendations that will address:
  • a) the client’s concerns
  • b) assessment based on photos
  • c) Client History Information sheet
  • On completion of the 1st protocol, client submits 2nd set of photos.
  • Coach then assesses 2nd set of photos and determines next recommended protocol.
  • Weekly follow-up.

3 Month Assessment


Service & Support:
  • Follow same procedure as the 1 Month Assessment and extend to cover 3 months of support. 
  • Assessment of 4 sets of photos via Zoom with recommended protocol
  • Weekly follow-up.


Membership may be required for ongoing treatment and care. 

 This structure is a general recommendation. Your specific needs will be addressed by your Fascia Alignment Coach at the time of your first assessment.